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V2 bomb 75th anniversary

This weekend marks the 75th anniversary since one of the last V2 bombs to fall on London, hit Chatsworth Baptist Church. It didn't just hit of course, it demolished, not only the incredible stone building that was here, but three other houses too, 36 others were considered uninhabitable, 60 people were injured, and two lost their lives.

However, it could have been worse. The church's youth group was due to meet at 7pm on the evening of 18th September, 1944, but it was postponed. At 7.05pm, the V2 bomb hit between the Chapel (main building) and Halls, totally demolishing both.

For the next 14 years, the community of people who made up the church at Chatsworth, were pilgrims: moving on from one building to the next, until 1958 when the current building was opened.


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