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International Sunday 2018

Updated: Jul 2, 2018

Wow! What a joyous celebration of our different cultures yesterday and how God brings us together in Jesus name.

We were joined by Iglesia Bautista de Londres, who sang part in Spanish and part in English; Movement in Worship, and their performance with flags and dance; and Joshua Kesler, who brought a reggae feel to proceedings.

However, our own members also contributed greatly, from the joyous worship - what an offering song! - to worship in Togolese to French to Nigerian and Jamaican and more.

Our Discovery Group read from the Psalms and the Men combined to sing 'Bread of Heaven'.

We even heard from a relatively new and young member who read a beautiful poem.

And then after, we were treated to some incredible food from around the world: from Jamaica, Africa, Asia and South America, and desserts from the UK ;)

Not only that, but England won a football match - come on the Three Lions! (And Nigeria's Super Eagles, Colombia's Los Cafetaros, South Korea's Taegeuk Warriors...)


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