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140th Anniversary

A celebration of God's faithfulness

Hats & history
"...we now solemnly unite ourselves into a Christian church..."

Whilst the church was built in 1877, it wasn't formed into a church until 9 April 1878, 140 years ago. To celebrate that, we had a celebration! Worship and food in good Chatsworth style :)

“... (we) recognise our responsibilities as servants of Christ...”

To start the celebration, we donned flat caps and fancy hats, and read the formation statement of the first members. And then we sang and shared about who we are and where we are today, and especially what's happened in the last 15 years, including:

- a testimony from Pastor Sylvia of Iglesia Bautista de Londres, the Spanish speaking Baptist church that meets here;

- they then led us in song and traditional dance too;

Traditional dance from members of IBL
IBL | Pastor Sylvia

- we sang a song in some of the many different languages spoken at Chatsworth

- our young people prayed and sang too

Our guests...

...included Rev Dr Michael Quicke, former Principal at Spurgeon's College and former member here, and he implored us to find out,

"what is Jesus doing now?"

The Mayor of Lambeth, Marcia Cameron, spoke of the work we are doing and of the

"quirky and innovative pastor"!


... were received from many former members and pastors, including Rev Andrew McKie and Rev John and Jan Bates.

And we treated Carol Quicke to a cake on her birthday, as we tucked into our own anniversary cake and food that was provided.


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