Lent at Chatsworth

Wednesdays 21 February - 28 March

Lent is the time when we prepare ourselves for Easter, for Jesus' death and resurrection. We will be running two Lent courses on each of the Wednesdays during Lent.

Lunchtimes: lent 1
Inspiring Vision - with a focus on prayer;   
and led by Pastor and other members

Evenings: lent 2
Fruitfulness on the Frontline
- with a focus on being a Christian where you are;
with videos & discussion times

Feb 21

1-2pm: Prayer & The Trinity

7.30-9pm: The Big Picture

Feb 28

1-2pm: Prayer in Challenging Times

7.30-9pm: Modelling Godly Character

Mar 7

1-2pm: Prayer & Discipleship

7.30-9pm: Making Good Work

Mar 14

1-2pm: Prayer as Life Evolves

7.30-9pm: Ministering Grace & Love

Mar 21

1-2pm: The Joy & Excitement of Prayer

7.30-9pm: Moulding Culture

Mar 28

1-2pm: Prayer Repentance & Forgiveness

7.30-9pm: Mouthpiece for Truth & Justice