Many find our small groups a great place to develop friendships
in the Church and to grow in spiritual maturity.

Homegroups meet in various places and at various times to accommodate the needs of their members.  Each is unique as the people themselves are, but all share a common agenda which will include:

FELLOWSHIP     Often involving food and drink and always
                             getting to know each other;

CARE                   Our God cares through his people and in our
                             groups we provide an opportunity to care
                             for others and to be cared for;

PRAYER              Our relationship with God is central to all we do, so prayer is too!

BIBLE STUDY     God's Word is God's way, so as all of us are learners on the journey we study together what the
                             Bible means in practice for us today;

GIFTS                  God has gifted us and the small group is a place where we can learn to use these gifts in the
                             service of Jesus Christ

If you'd like to become a member of one of these groups or want more information, talk to the Pastor or contact the church office on 020 8761 0011 or email.