Book Club

This is an 'open' book club - which means anyone can join! BOOK CLUB

We will choose one book a month; these will vary in topic and style, fiction, non-fiction and teaching but will all aim to help us develop our relationship with God.

We usually meet together on the LAST FRIDAY OF THE MONTH in one of our homes to discuss the book, encouragements and challenges!

Please read some but don't feel pressure to read all ..... life can be busy!

We would love to hear your suggestions and look forward to getting to know each other better as we meet, chat and eat cake! COFFEE  CAKE

Book club meets on the last Friday of each month

Our book for January & February is 'The Miracle in the Middle' by Charlotte Gambol.

Book club will meet on Friday 23 February - at Deanne's home

So far we have read:-
January 2016: 'The Grace Outpouring', by Roy Godwin & Dave Roberts
February 2016: 'A Praying Life', by Paul E Millar
March 2016: 'The Shack', by Wm Paul Young
April 2016: 'The Vicar Of Baghdad', by Andrew white
May 2016: 'Celebration Of Discipline - The Path To Spiritual Growth', by Richard Foster
July 2016: 'The Great Divorce', by CS Lewis
September 2016: 'Seeking Allah, Finding Jesus', by Nabeel Quereshi
October 2016: 'The Book Of Forgiving', by Desmond & Mpho Tuto
November 2016: 'This Present Darkness', by Frank Peretti
December 2016: The Meaning Is In The Waiting', by Paula Gooder
January 2017: 'The Introvert Charismatic: The Gift Of Introversion In A Noisy Church', by Mark Tanner
February 2017: 'Let The Healing Begin', Jeannie Morgan
April 2017: 'God On Mute' by Pete Greig
May 2017: 'The Heavenly Man', Brother Yun
September 2017: 'Paradoxology', by Krish Kandiah
November 2017: 'Chasing the Dragon' by Jackie Pullinger
December 2017: 'In Touch With God' by Michael Green & Rosemary Green